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Care Plan Intensive

Establish profitable website care plans in your business

A 3-week online intensive for website professionals and web agencies to receive a "copy and paste" website care plan set-up for maximum profitability.


  • Receive all copy, task lists, and templates for a successful process, automation, and more sales
  • Take and tweak our full proven system from our agency to refine your on-boarding and execution
  • Improve your existing setup using everything we use to have care plans account for over 50% of our agency revenue

14-day money back guarantee.


A Website Care Plan is a monthly recurring revenue productize service for your clients that execute support for their WordPress website (although this training could be applied for any platform). Care Plans include keeping the software up-to-date, monitoring the install, and providing support for the client with updates they request through your support desk.

Website Care Plans are key for freelancers and agencies to establish recurring revenue in their business and grow their list of monthly clients for further development and design work.

Our training includes using a perfected set of tools for maximum profitable plans that work well with scaling as you grow your business. All the tools we recommend are either free or have a 30-day free trial so you can execute our training with no added cost.


3-week course of 5 full self-paced lessons

3 live one-hour workshop calls at the end of each week
All live workshop calls are recorded and available to rewatch on your own time.

All the materials, copy, templates and task lists you need to "copy and paste" profitable care plans into your business. 

  • Lesson 1 - The Product

    Let’s bring everyone up to the same level by reviewing the structure of a profitable care plan along with pricing, sales pages, services offered and tools needed for this course.

    Outcome: Care Plans, tools and sales page set up ready to go

  • Lesson 2 – Process

    Walk through our proven website maintenance process in ManageWP, how we leverage the tools we use for updating, tips, tricks and all our learned lessons so you don’t repeat them.

    Outcome – An on-boarding/site update/report process to copy and paste into your business

  • Lesson 3 – Automation

    Let’s walk through how Teamwork, Teamwork Desk, Airtable, Slack, and Cyfe, along with the magic of Zapier keeps everything automated for maximum profit and minimal mistakes.

    Outcome – An automation system you can copy and paste into your own business

  • Lesson 4 – Hiring a Team

    How to find, qualify, train and work with a virtual assistant and developer in your business, using care plan revenue to pay their salary and remove website care and client support from your to-do list.

    Outcome – A job posting you can post and the full process to start screening applicants and make a hire

  • Lesson 5 – Care Plan Sales

    Now that the plans, processes, automation, and team are in place, we’ll focus on sales emails, phone scripts, and referral outreach to generate revenue ASAP.

    Outcome - Outreach to past clients for care plan signups!

  • Bonuses!

    Bonus:  Positioning and sales for non-clients
    Bonus: How to talk to cold leads on the value of the care plan
    Bonus: Landing page examples with pricing (Bever Builder templates)
    Bonus: Training videos for staff with tasks lists

    Access for the Lifetime of the Course - All videos are recorded and kept in a learning environment for you to review on your own time. 



Go through the course's recorded content on your own time throughout each week.

Week 1 - The Product & Process
Week 2 - Automation
Week 3 - Hiring a Team & Sales

Then meet up on our live workshop call for that week, set on Thursdays. Two times for our live workshop calls will be available for maximum flexibility - 10 AM Eastern and 8 PM Eastern. All calls are recorded. All material is lifetime access.



We are thrilled to announce we've partnered with Teamwork and MyWebAudit to offer our students the tools they need for successful website care plans.



Kristina Romero

WP Care Market’s Kristina Romero has trained over 2,000 web professionals, with training featured across the web. Kristina spent over 2 years as a coach in WP Elevation, spoken at numerous WordCamps, and has run webinars for GoDaddy’s Pro program. In all these instances, she’s continued to perfect her training for website professionals on how to deliver the best website care plans for them and their clients.


What our students are saying ...

I would like to thank you for helping me totally systemise the website care component of my business. The course outlined in great detail all aspects of processes, systems, setup, team hire, and selling WP care plans. You have removed the guess work and in my view defined best practice for managing care plans for WordPress clients.  It is definitely worth the investment. I have already hire my first VA to start managing the customer experience allowing me more time to work on the business.

Paul Battaglia - Digital Junction

I signed up $500 a month of new website care plans during the actual week of training. The training was useful and practical and easy to implement. So many web pros are leaving money on the table by not offering website care plans. Take this course and you'll reap the benefits ... quickly.

Mike Ruman - Ruman Web Design

This course has given me the kick I need to fully implement our Care Plan offering and “get on with it”! Easy to implement and comprehensive templated processes and technical tools that fill in all the gaps, now fully equips me to move forward with no roadblocks or excuses.  

Janet Pearson - Technology Matters

Kristina Romero's Care Plan Intensive is definitely worth the investment, even for those who are already providing website care plans. The Intensive is highly organized and packed with tools and information that you implement into your business right away. I have been offering website maintenance over 20 years but I learned several ways to improve my service, save time and increase profitability. Plus Kristina has a fun, upbeat personality which makes it exciting to learn. I highly recommend!

Beth Floyd - Roe Graphics

WP Care Market training was amazing. The content, the one-hour presentation, support files - everything was beyond and above my expectation. I highly recommend Krisitna training to anymore who is serious with they WordPress care plans. Best part of the training: automations! Following the setup you can save hours per month meaning more time with your family or friends. A+

Frederic Sune - WordPress Expert - Web Design Agency

An in-depth look at growing your business fast.  The Care Plan Intensive course was a real eye opener for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better start to producing recurring revenue within my business.  The course was well run and the information provided was priceless. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to fast track their recurring revenue stream.

Richie Zengoski - Titan Blue Australia

If  you’re running a professional website development business, you need to put yourself through Kristina’s WPCare Intensive.  She reveals everything she has done to develop the website maintenance side of her business – a wonderful value add for your clients, and a very profitable source of recurring revenue.  She’s very organised and systemised, and generous with sharing her knowledge, processes, systems and templates. You’ll end up with everything you need to setup and sell your own website care service, which is exactly what I’ve done.  

Annette Welsford  - Commonsense Marketing

The WP Care Market training made me rethink my website maintenance offer completely. I now have the confidence to raise my prices and take on loads of new clients.

Erwan Petton - Mix Web


Secure profitable care plans in only 3 weeks!

14-day money back guarantee.

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